Stage & Presentation

Stage lighting and sound
Stage electrical services

Stage Systems

Stage Lighting

We can design and install a  stage/studio lighting  system to suit your performance requirements and budget whether as a traditional stage set up 

or in the round.

We supply and install stage lighting bars, dimmers,  lighting desk,  Stage Lanterns.

We include within  our design for a complete electrical installation.

In Primary schools we now tend to design stage lighting around  led rbgw stage lanterns which allow the user from the led lighting desk to colour 

mix their stage without having to fit colour gels.  We  also supply easy to use  led rgbw followspots.

The use of led stage lanterns removes the need for traditional heavy load dimmers which cuts down the install cost and is very economical in use


Sound Systems

Stage Sound Systems - Sound amplification - Sound reinforcement -Surround sound - Intercom system

Sound systems designed to suit the layout and size of the performance space with tie line systems back to a mixer desk

Induction Loops for the hard of hearing, show relay and intercom systems, Radio and handheld mics.

We have all  facility panels  specifically manufactured for each design.

The designs can be adjusted for  use in Theatres, Studios, School Halls, Churches for performance, video shows and speaking presentations.


Stage Curtains and Track

We undertake stage /studio track design and installation. 

The installation is designed to meet the Clients requirement of use and performance space.

Track can be operated by : manual walkalong  - handline  - track control, winch control, motorised control.

For stage curtains we offer a design service  from the front house curtain to stage legs, borders, and cyc cloths - all come with a fire retardant 


For Existing drapes - Curtains must be Flame Retardant to BS5867: Part2 1980 (1993) - to comply with this we can offer a certified off site 

treatment per drape


Stage Equipment - Supply only / supply and install

Stage lighting - Dimmers - lighting desk, stage lanterns.

Sound Systems - Amps, source equipment, sound desk,Speakers

Microphones - Hand Held ( wired )  - Wireless Radio mics - Hand held,  lapel, Headsets etc - Mic Stands

Sound Racks - Flight cased - Portable sound systems


PA systems

We design and install P.A systems with  sound reinforcement in mind rather than straight forward amplification for the benefit of  the congregation.

For the hard of hearing,  induction loops or infra red hearing systems can be  employed according to budget and requirement.

Wireless radio mics - hand held / lapel types

Hanging mics - typically for raising the sound levels of choirs or numbers of people

Source equipment such as C.D can be incorporated into the systems.


Facility Panels

We can supply to order for any configuration of stage panels with whatever outlets are required.

Testing and Maintenance

Service Contracts to suit Clients requirements

Annual testing - We undertake the annual test and inspection of the following :

Stage dimmers - servicing and testing - dimming circuits test and inspection

Stage Lanterns - Inspection ( internally & externally ) clean , PAT test.

Sound racks - Inspection ( internally & externally ) clean , PAT test - operation

The issue of an NICEIC test certificate on completion

Loler Regs - Weight  Testing of Stage Lighting bars, Stage supports i.e curtain track, speaker brackets, etc