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Professional Theatres -

Electrical Distribution, Auditorium House Lighting, Front of house lighting and power, Stage lighting, sound systems

We have been involved  in the refurbishment of  Theatres lighting , sound and power systems.

A new stage lighting system has been installed with internally wired lighting bars set as a formal stage arrangement and with flexibility for in 

the round performances. 72 channels of Stage dimming , 12 circuits dmx out control, and a separate House lighting system have given the 

Theatre a flexibility of use.

Low level facility panels stage right and left with intercom, mic, returns, dmx control,  dmx out, dimmer sockets /non dimmed sockets 

enhance this flexibility.

Audio System wiring has been installed for  f.o.h. paging, back stage paging, intercom, show relay, induction loop, public speaker system, 

cctv, bar bells, Stage speakers with six positions of use.

A new lighting and power distribution system has been installed covering all areas of the refurbished Theatre including a new kitchen, bar 

area, and underground performance space.

Educational Premises 

In the Main Hall we  designed a sound system for Stage performance and for future visual representation,

A fixed sound rack was installed in the control room with radio mics,  cd-cd, cd-mp3, cd-cassette, mini disc player.

A 32 channel mixing sound desk with on board effects was used to give control and effects on one board.

The speaker system included 3 no  250w stereo amplifiers, 31 band dual  eq. a sound processor,  and 6 professional speakers. 

With the sound set up through the processor a  balanced system was achieved with memory for small stage performance ( two speakers ) full 

stage performance ( four speakers ) Cinema show ( six speakers )

A multi way facility panel was installed from the control room to stage right for intercom, mics. returns  floor speakers in a mix of xlr,  

speakon. mono and stereo jacks.

Wired vocal mics were supplied with low level boom stands for dance and performance on a stage platform.

The lighting choice for this venue was 4 cyc lights, fresnels, PC, Zoom  Profiles,

2  Followspots on stands were supplied with local dimmer unit

Drama studio

A wall mounted source rack populated with a  150w stereo amplifier, cd-cassette player, rack mounted mixer.

This system was mixed into speakers on stands with 4 no. input positions for flexibility of use.

Lighting for this space was fresnels, PC, Zoom  profiles

Council Town Hall 

Portable Conference System - Council Meetings

A  conference system was supplied for the council meetings to allow for each speaker no matter how quietly they speak , to be heard across 

the room by other delegates and an audience.

This was a sound reinforcement system

This consisted of 9 desk mics and 1 no chairmans position. Each mic had a long goose neck stem for ease of use.

In a normal situation one mic between two is sufficient for most meetings. 

A link cable was supplied for relaying the meeting to the audience gallery through the sound system

All of the equipment was supplied in an aluminium case for portable use at other venues.

Led stage lighting and sound

In the Main Hall we installed 4 no full range speakers wired back to a portable sound rack.  The rack was populated with a hdmi laptop, 

vertical 12 channel mixer amp, two rdio mic transceivers - 1 hand held, 1 lapel, 32 band eq, 250w amplifier

For the lighting system we installed a lighting bar populated with 8 no rgbw ( red,green,blue,white and mixed colours ) led lanterns controlled 

by an easy to use 8 channel led desk.  This led system allows for simple colour control without the need to install colour gels in the lanterns - 

ideal for a primary school

 Examination Centre

We designed an audio system to give individual sound control of 3 separate rooms and when the dividing walls were retracted for one large 


The presentation system was a 3500 lumens projector with a 3 mtrs electric screen. The video input panel allowed for  bnc, vga hdmi . 

The presentation system audio was incorporated into a fixed sound rack which allowed for a stereo output to either 1 large room or 3 small 

rooms .

We also allowed for an audio- video link from the control rack to a portable video conference system

University Cambridge

We have designed and installed a led lighting digital dimming system in the Auditorium. The light fittings were 1200 x 300 arranged at high 

level across the auditorium. These 46w led light fittings give off an even diffused light with no visible led lamps. 

The dimming system was controlled from two positions on a programmed five button control plate. Programmed levels on buttons 1-3 with 

button four turning off the lighting row  in front of the projector screen to stop reflections. 

This energy efficient system is maintenance free, cost effective, and runs cool.


Led Stage Lighting Systems

In Primary schools we have found that an LED stage system is the ideal easy to use format  for both teachers and student.

The LED stage lanterns come with Red, Green, Blue, White, led lights ( rgbw) so you  can project  as each primary colour or as a mix of colours.

An easy to use LED lighting desk completes the install

An Led follow spot with a stand is also available with on board dimming and colour mixing - very easy to use

There are only pluses with this type of system - No dimmers needed, No colour filters, energy efficient  - low power usage

Lower cost to supply and install than standard stage lighting systems

School Drama Studio

We have designed an installation to give the best possible use of the performance space and the budget.

The stage Lanterns supplied - Fresnels, Pc's, Parcans, Profiles will allow for a very flexible approach to drama pieces.

To add to this flexible theme we have included a portable T-Bar stand and a bolt-on 3 channel dimmer - with two Fresnels and a floor parcan 

controlled from this point.

We have populated a Portable flight cased sound rack with a Professional CD Player, and as specified a Professional Twin Cassette player.

Lavalier and hand held radio mics were installed for sound re-enforcement and give the student freedom of movement in the studio.

All the source equipment is powered by a 200w stereo amplifier with twin cooling fans and is mixed down through a 12channel Allen Heath sound desk.

Two speakers have been hung from the front stage lighting bars angled across the studio to give clear vocal representation.

Input panels for the speakers and lighting desk have been positioned on one wall to give  a control area

Black ifr Dimout drapes have been added onto an existing track to give a more intimate feel for the performers and also use as a back drop.

The result is a small but professional studio ideal for performance and rehearsal.

College remedials

We undertook to check out the Stage lighting system to locate faults - Lighting bars circuits were checked and re-terminated in their correct order. 

 The dimmer had channel problems which we located and replaced tri-acs as necessary- reprogrammed the dimmers and desk and commissioned.

The recording studio suite was not set up in any way or form that was usable.

We investigated, located all the problems with the equipment and cables. The cable problems were rectified and the equipment set up correctly.

A new system of use was set up through the mixing desk, digital recorder, sound sources, voices, eq and cd with pc recording also included.

Electrical Projects

As electrical contractors we undertake  projects not associated with Stage or Audio visual -

Typically whatever the Client requires: For Example

1. We have designed and installed for a Cambridgeshire School which had a requirement for an  agricultural area that needed power and controlled 

heating to various greenhouses, local power and lighting to potting sheds with the supply run overhead.

2. A project for two buildings and a toilet block for dis/abled workshops with lighting, power, emergency lighting, FireAlarms.

3. The refurbishment of a local village Hall with a new electrical distribution system for lighting , heating, cooking, local power, emergency lighting , 

extract fans.

4. The strip out and total refurbishment of a three storey listed commercial shop with change of use to accommodate a new hairdressing salon and a 

clothes shop.  New electrical distribution to the 17th edition regulations,  lighting, emergency lighting, power, security and  smoke alarms system.  

5. IT computer suites incorporating 3 compartment trunking, data and electrical wiring

6. Complete upgrade of an old theatre electrical distribution systems